Collection: Toro 60 Volt Outdoor Power Equipment

The Electric Revolution: Toro's 60V Max* Flex-Force Tools Transforming Yard Work

In the realm of outdoor power equipment, the debate between electric and gas engines has been ongoing for years. As technology advances, Toro is at the forefront of this revolution, introducing the Toro 60V Max* Flex-Force series, a lineup of versatile tools powered by lithium-ion batteries. Let's delve into the reliability of electric versus gas engines using some key examples from Toro's innovative collection.

Toro 60V Max Flex-Force Battery System: Power and Efficiency*

The heart of Toro's electric arsenal lies in its 60V Max* Flex-Force Battery System. With a 2.0 Amp-hour lithium-ion battery, users enjoy a powerful 60 volts and 54 volts typical usage, providing a reliable and consistent source of energy. The on-board power meter ensures users are always aware of their battery level, preventing unexpected disruptions during yard work.

Toro 60V Max Tools: Versatile Performance Year Round*

Toro's 60V Max* Flex-Force tools cover a broad spectrum of outdoor tasks, from hedge trimming to snow blowing, showcasing the adaptability of electric power. The interchangeable battery feature not only saves money but also enhances the convenience of using a single power source across various tools. The reliability of the battery system ensures consistent performance year-round.

Comparing Gas and Electric: The Toro Advantage

Traditional gas engines have long been associated with power and endurance, but Toro's 60V Max* Flex-Force series aims to challenge that perception. Take, for instance, the Toro 60V Max* 24 in. Hedge Trimmer. With its rotating handle, exclusive blade design, and a 2.5Ah battery, it provides a cleaner, more efficient cut, proving that electric tools can rival their gas counterparts.

Powerful Pole Saw and Chainsaw: Silent Warriors in the Electric Arsenal

The Toro 60V Max* 10 in. Brushless Pole Saw and the 16 in. Brushless Chainsaw, both equipped with 2.0Ah batteries, showcase the strength of electric motors. With their brushless technology and digitally-controlled systems, these tools offer more power, extended runtime, and longer life compared to traditional gas-powered alternatives. Cut through timber with ease and efficiency, all without the noise and emissions associated with gas engines.

Facing Winter Challenges: Toro 60V Max Snow Blower*

In the Toro 24 in. Power Max® e24 Two-Stage Snow Blower, Toro has created an electric counterpart identical to its gas-powered sibling. With a 10.0Ah battery and steel construction, this snow blower can clear substantial snowfall, providing a reliable and powerful solution for winter maintenance. The self-propelled feature and Anti-Clogging System further enhance its reliability in harsh weather conditions.

Leaf Blowers: From Turbo to Super Turbo

The Toro 60V Max* Leaf Blower series, ranging from 110 mph to a whopping 157 mph, proves that electric blowers can match or exceed the performance of their gas counterparts. With high CFM and variable-speed triggers, Toro's leaf blowers offer precision control and turbo-boost options, making yard cleanup faster and more efficient.

Lawn Mowers: The Powerhouse of the 60V Max Fleet*

Toro's 60V Max* Lawn Mowers, whether the Super Recycler® with Personal Pace® or the Recycler® with SmartStow®, showcase the pinnacle of electric lawn care. With powerful batteries, Vortex Technology for increased airflow, and innovative features like SmartStow®, Toro's electric mowers provide reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly alternatives to gas-powered counterparts.

Conclusion: The Future is Electric with Toro's 60V Max Flex-Force Tools*

As Toro continues to expand its 60V Max* Flex-Force lineup, the reliability and performance of electric outdoor power tools become increasingly evident. With interchangeable batteries, smart technology, and powerful brushless motors, Toro's electric tools are setting new standards in the world of outdoor maintenance. The electric revolution is here, and Toro is leading the charge. Embrace the future of yard work with Toro's 60V Max* Flex-Force tools, where power meets efficiency in a silent and eco-friendly package.